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5! Five Crucial Decades of City Building

The forum, “Five Crucial Decades of City Building” will look at the two urban design trends are emerging, in some places as a consequence of and in other places as a response to, these globally observed rural to urban migrations. Characterizing these two trends broadly as ‘concentrated’ versus ‘dispersed’, the design ideas that these categories represent can be thought of in a number of dialectical ways. ‘Big’ versus ‘small’ ; ‘mechanical’ versus ‘organic’ ; ‘master planned’ versus ‘haptic’ ; ‘instant’ versus ‘incremental’ ; ‘global’ versus ‘local’ ; ‘pointy’ versus ‘flat’ ; ‘formal’ versus ‘informal’ ; ‘capital-intensive’ versus ‘entrepreneurial’ ; ‘high rise’ versus ‘low rise’ ; ‘subway/freeway oriented' versus ‘walkable’ : these are some clear examples of the diametrically different characters embodied by these two different urban design trends. Interestingly, while these two trends are distinctly different, more often than not they coexist in the same city.  


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